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I finally made it back to Florida in 2012. My husband and I finally decided on Jacksonville as our city as it is not too south, has a great airport, is not too big but is not too small. As I wandered around the city learning the different neighborhoods, I came across this little torquoise and blue camper in Hemming Park, which is located in downtown. It was run by Will Morgan and he was literally one of the only people pumping out espresso drinks in Jacksonville at the time. He was pulling @parlorcoffee and I'd be sure to stand in line at the little camper and get mine whenever possible. Then as my husband and I bought our house in Murray Hill, Will also opened a brick mortar right down the street! How more awesome could it be! So we frequented @vagabondcoffeeco as often as we could. Eventually, my husband started to check out the coffee gear that Will sold, which included the Chemex. It was only a matter of time before we were investing in coffee equipment and my husband started making pour overs for us at home. I have to say I thought at first that it was a lot of money to put out in order to make coffee at home. I had never owned a drip coffee maker because I traveled and I was happy spending my $4.50 each day at the coffee shop and supporting local.

But then I took that first taste of that homeade pour over coffee. OMG! The flavors that you can extract out of a coffee bean by having a good grinder and then pouring water through a filter into a glass container blew my mind. I mean I drink lattes at coffee shops because I didn't even know you could get a pour over at a coffee shop and who cares about that anyway.... It took longer and I was like "whatever". To me, that was for the coffee snobs who think that they and their coffee is better than anyone or anything else! Well I can tell you one thing; the coffee is better than anything else! My God! If you have not ever experienced pour over coffee at a good shop or at home, it is a must. Who knew, that just like wine, coffee beans have endless flavors and tastes. For more information on how to create great coffee at home, email and he can get you started on your way. 

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