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Name of Roaster: Foundation Coffee Co.

Country: Costa Rica

Farmer: La Montana

Date Roasted: 12-28-2017

Date Brewing: 1-17-2018

Brewing Method: Chemex

Packaging: Clean black with label and nice lettering

Open Bag: Smell rich and full flavor chocolates and hints of fruits

Color of Beans: Medium brown even color throughout beans

Oil level look of beans: Dryer beans not oily

Size and feel of Beans: Medium size beans with good consistent size and shape nice smooth feel

Grind Beans Level: Medium

Sent of Ground coffee: Deep rich clean, coco and chocolate notes

Look of ground coffee: Deep brown, consistent size and color

Bloom style: Large bubble and joined bubbles

Weight of Grounds: 40 grams

Water amount for bloom:150 grams

Smell when brewing: Chocolate, fruity cherries, salted caramel apples toffee, and limes, rich and not earthy.

Brew action: Crema and nice little bubbles.

Color of brewed coffee: Dark and clean even color good opaqueness

Initial Smell of pour into cup: Rich deep balanced.

First cup tastes: Coco, toffee, tart, cherry, back of mouth lime.

Second cup tastes:  Full rich, sweet, tart and rich. Well balanced and smooth.


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