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Name of Roaster: Magnum Coffee Roasters

Coffee Name: Kona Blonde

Country: Hawaiian Islands

Date Brewing:  01-15-2018

Brewing Method: Chemex

Packaging: Plain sample bag

Open Bag Smell of Beans: Rich full and little fruit and nuts

Color of Beans: Medium Brown

Oil level look of beans: Low oil level, dry feel

Size and feel of Beans: medium small and consistent in size

Grind Level: Medium

Sent of Ground coffee: Rich deep flavors

Look of ground coffee: even size and shape, even colors

Bloom style:  Abundance of small bubbles.

Weight of grounds:  35 grams

Water amount for bloom:  100 grams

Smell when brewing: Smooth and rich

Brew Action:  nice crema, good color, consistent rate

Color of Brewed Coffee:  Light brown color and not super opaque. Consistent 

Initial Smell of Pour into Cup: Rich deep coffee flavor

First cup tastes: Rich Chocolate and bright apple, salted caramel

Second cup tastes: Rich Smooth and deep chocolates and nuts

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