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Name of Roaster: Theodore’s Coffee Roasters

Coffee Name: El Playon-Pacas

Country: Honduras

Farmer: Israel Ventura

Date Brewing: 01-23-2018

Brewing Method: Chemex

Packaging: Clean white bag with bean, farmer, country and tasting notes

Sent on Opening Bag: Chocolate, citrus, sweet and rich

Color of Beans: Dark brown

Oil level look of beans: dry and not oily

Size and feel of Beans: medium to large, smooth and consistent in size and shape

Grind Beans Level: Medium

Sent of Ground Coffee: Chocolate, fruits, sweet notes of vanilla and strong coffee

Look of Ground Coffee: medium even size and brown color

Bloom Style: Large and joined Bubbles in the center with smaller bubbles around main grouping

Weight of Grounds: 35 grams

Water amount for Bloom: 125 grams

Smell when brewing: Rich, chocolate, hints citrus and sweetness

Brew Action: nice crema, good rate of brewing, extra bubbles clean looking brew

Color of Brewed Coffee: medium opaqueness and good dark brown color

Initial Smell of pour into cup: rich, chocolate and hints of a fruit, full coffee feels

First cup tastes: Chocolate, fruit and citrus and sweet with a little bit sweet cocoa.

Second cup tastes: Tastes for a rich desert, balance multiple flavors, smooth in the mouth not to big in the mouth but tastes on more than one flavor area of your mouth.

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