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The Michigan coffee scene is legit and and has noteworthy beans being consumed both in the larger metro areas such as Detroit and Grand Rapids and also the smaller towns such as Owosso and Dewitt. Although, I have not been able to sample beans from every region of the state, there is plenty to talk about regarding what I have sampled to date. 

DETROIT  - still many shops here I haven't gotten to check out such as Astro and Dessert Oasis, but so far these are the beans I have experienced in the motor city. 

@anthologycoffee  - I got to visit this wonderful little spot on like the coldest day of the year this year. BUT it was warm inside and I experienced a lovely smooth latte in this no frills bare bones shop. I also bought a bag of El Gobiado - Carmen that made lovely pour overs once I got back home.

@ashesupplyco  - An uhmazzing shop right down in downtown detroit. There is something to be said to being able to view the roaster, the cold brew brewing and the lovely V60 and Syphon Pour over setups all in one shop. Bonus was outstanding decor, artwork and this awesome coffee bean candle made in a camp cup you can actually drink out of later! A must visit!

@theredhookcoffee - Just got to visit this lovely shop this week. When you walk into their Ferndale location the pastry display will take you over and you will feel like a little kid again. Needless to say I ate to much sugar that day! The amazing in house baker has a super strong game and makes some Gluten-Free treats to die for. Thank you for that killer cranberry orange cookie and that Peppermint Macaron. Ok back to the coffee. Once I came off the high that they had treats I could experience, I remembered I am here to pick up the @stumptowncoffee Snow Day blend and I also chose the Apple Cider Latte. A lovely latte that was not overwhelmingly sweet to got with the treats I bought. The atmosphere is of a true coffee shop, meaning coffee culture is the focus and everyone is there doing their thing. I will be back to visit this one for sure!

ANN ARBOR - This college town has a good variety of beans and atmospheres worth exploring if you get the chance.

@mightygood  - Offering a full range of beans and multiple locations throughout the city, my favorite here is the Brown Sugar Salted Latte. One of the best flavored latte's I've ever experienced.

@literaticoffee - A great bookstore with great coffee! Head upstairs to experience a smooth non-flavored latte and get your read on.

@cometcoffee - A great shop located in the Arcade in Ann Arbor. Serving up great beans from roasters such as @ritualcoffee and @49th parallel. Great atmosphere to observe whats going on in the collegiate world today.

@roosroast - When i first walked into this shop (before they had a location in downtown) I saw a bag of beans named "Lobster Butter Love" with a picture of a bright red lobster on the bag and of course I just had to buy it! Roos Roast has a great little shop with a full line of interesting beans. My personal favorite is Portland in the 90s. Also worth mentioning is the Cowboy and Rich French Neighbor. There is always something interesting to see or sample here.


@cultivateypsi - Great shop atmosphere. Using @saintanthonyindustries for their pour overs and offering great beans from @ghowellcoffee and @stovetoproasters. Nice specialty lattes including the Black Walnut Latte! Yummo!

@cross.street.coffee - Formerly The Ugly Mug, a no frills shop serving up great beans like the Mexican that turned out great pour overs when we were first learning how to create slow coffee. 

@hyperioncoffeeco - Had a great time talking to the unassuming barista Mr. Dakota when I visited this roaster providing beans to Michigan's caffiene seekers.  

GRAND RAPIDS - I just love Grand Rapids. A great town with humongous houses that seem like they have 100 rooms to them. Made up of distinct neighborhoods, each one has a good coffee and food game going on. 

@madcapcoffee - The most well known in Grand Rapids, their line of beans is a must try.

@rowstercoffee - My personal favorite in GR, where they serve up killer nitro and their almond milk is homeade on the daily! Head on over to their Wealthy street location to sit on the stool and gaze out the monster houses and imagine what it must have been like to live somewhere with that many rooms, say nothing about cleaning it. 

@Ferriscoffee - Offering nuts and other sweet treats along with their beans. We made some great pourovers with their El Chimbo, from Columbia this past summer. 


@strangemattercoI work in Lansing, Michigan every other week and the gem here is @strangematterco My home away from home when I am on the road for work and even though I take mine to go there have been many occasions where the few minutes in this shop in the morning has been my oasis. The other thing that makes this a superstar shop is the beans from around the country that they offer. Once I started making pourovers at home, it was @strangematterco that allowed me to sample beans roasted by @onyxcoffeelab @populacecoffee @maquinacoffeeroasters  just to name a few.
So if/when in Lansing @strangematterco is the place to be and if planning a coffee tour in Michigan this is a must stop!


@thecraftedbean - A totally unique bean experience in Michigan. Enter the vault to get your hands on some beans from places like @cavemancoffee and then belly up to the bar and order the Smoking Gun, where they literally "smoke" the French Press once it is brewed. A trip to this shop will not diappoint on any level. 


@theodorescoffee - What can I say. Thee most knowledgeable person I have ever met about coffee beans and the business. A visit to Theodores will allow you sample coffees right from the bins that hold them, where you will be taught at least a few things about where they came from and how they are grown. If you want an education with your beans your buying Go visit Darwin!

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