To PSL or not to PSL - that is the Question

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In the wide wide world of coffee, us coffee lovers are overexposed to the flavored latte, which was basically pummeled into viral status by the Starbucks PSL. Even going overboard selling the crazy Unicorn drink which had something like 70 grams of sugar. Enough to send the cardiac patient over the edge depending on what else they are consuming. To me, this is common sense, but for many it is not.

And I am not dogging out Starbucks here. They have their nostalgic place in my heart in September when the PSL first comes back and in November when they bring back the Peppermint Mocha latte. If I am on the road and I need coffee and there is no other real coffee shop around, I hit the drive through. Its better than falling asleep at the wheel or an all night event (I am an early bird sleeper). 

Other than that we have some great flavored latte creations being offered by coffee shops that I have frequented. The ones that win my heart are those who don't use Monin or Torani and make their own homade from scratch flavors for their lattes. 

PSL: The top 3 PSL's I have had from a local coffee shop are from @strangematterco @justlovecoffee and @springparkcoffee Spring Park even sells their own PSL syrup that they make in house. Proof that there are alternatives to the more processed drive-thru option. 

Salted Caramel: The best Salted Caramel Latte I have had is from @threebortherscoffee in Nashville. Smooth, not too sweet. Just perfect! 

Honey Ginger Latte: I had never had a latte with real pieces of ginger in it until I evacuated for hurricane Irma. We stopped in McDonough, Ga @queenbeecoffee where we found this quaint little shop. Their Honey Ginger Latte and southern charm soothed my soul as the winds battered my home state. 

Brown Sugar Salted Latte: This perfect balance of sugar and salt from @mightygood coffee is always a treat on my way to work from the airport to Lansing

Of course this is just a sampling of what great custom coffee drinks can be offered by a great coffee shop. Its one of the the things that make the chase of the bean so exciting!

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